Interim Associate Dean, Health Sciences Libraries & Director, Norris Library
Contact Information
Norris Medical Library
2003 Zonal Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90089-9130

(323) 442-1113

Janis Brown

Library Responsibilities

Health Sciences Libraries vision and mission
Health Sciences Libraries administration
Health Sciences Libraries policies

Contact me regarding

Health Sciences Libraries administrative issues
Donations to the Health Sciences Libraries

Educational Background

MLS, University of California, Los Angeles
Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine


Stanford/California State Library Institute on 21st Century Librarianship Participant. Stanford, CA. 2001
Medical Informatics MBL/NLM Course Fellow. Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA.,
Sponsored by the National Library of Medicine, Spring Course, 2000

Selected Publications & Presentations

Brown JF, Nelson JL. Integration of information literacy into a revised medical school curriculum. Medical Reference Services Quarterly. 2003 Fall;22(3):63-74.

Benjes CM, Brown JF. Test, revise, retest: usability testing and library Web sites. Internet Reference Services Quarterly. 2001;5(4):37-54.

Benjes CM, Brown JF. Database-generated Web pages: the Norris Medical Library experience. Bulletin of the Medical Library Association. 2001 Apr;89(2):222-224.

Brown JF, Hannigan GG. Managing Public Access Microcomputers in Health Sciences Libraries. Chicago: Medical Library Association, 1990.

Brown JF, Nelson JL, WIneburgh-Freed M. Customized electronic resources management system for a multi-library university: viewpoint from one library. In: Ives G, editor. Electronic journal management systems: experiences from the field. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Information Press; 2005. Simultaneously co-published in Serials Librarian. 2005;47(4):89-102.

Brown JF, Morse D. Acquisition of audiovisual and digital media.   In: Morse D, editor. Acquisitions. Current Practice in Health Sciences Libraries. Chicago: Medical Library Association; 1996.

Wu J, Brown J. Rethinking the library web Site: choosing a content management system. Paper presented at: Medical Library Association Annual Meeting; 2011 May 17; Minneapolis MN.

Brown JF, Holmes-Wong DA, Tompson SR. Institutional repositories: what if we determined needs before we built it? Paper presented at: Medical Library Association Annual Meeting; 2006 May 22; Phoenix, AZ.

Brown JF, Prottsman MF, Rosenbloom M, Wu J. Web-scale discovery: is it a building block for your future? Poster presented at: Medical Library Association Annual Meeting; 2014 May 20; Chicago, IL.

Hannigan GG, Brown JF. Incorporating Informatics into the Curriculum: Medical Library Association Continuing Education Course 603. In-person and online course. 2005 – 2010.