Ongoing Issues with PubMed and the FindIt@USC links

There are ongoing problems with accessing full-text article through the FindIt@USC button through PubMed. There is a defect in the product we are using to provide this service. We are working with the service provider to resolve these ongoing issues.

In the meantime, you can use Google Scholar as a workaround to get access through FindIt@USC.

  1. Add FindIt@USC to your Google Scholar preferences.
    a. On the Google Scholar homepage, click the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner
    b. Click settings
    c. Click library links
    d. Search for University of Southern California – be sure to select the option that includes FindIt@USC in the label
    e. Click save
  2. To access a particular article, copy and paste the article title into the Google Scholar search box
  3. Your article of interest should be the first results, select FindIt@USC to the right of the citation.

If you are continuing to have issues, you can submit a report a problem here:

For help, you can contact reference services:

Phone: 323-442-1111


Reference services is open M-F, 9am-5pm.

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