Faculty must enroll in Duo authentication before February 15th

Do you access journal articles, UpToDate, or electronic books from your home, on your phone or tablet, or in a clinic? All USC faculty will need to enroll in Duo two-factor authentication prior to February 15th in order to continue accessing these library-licensed resources from off-campus locations or while connected to USC Wireless. Emeriti faculty, voluntary faculty, and adjunct faculty are not required to sign up for Duo at this time.

This policy applies to Residents based their payroll system. Residents who are paid through USC payroll are required to use Duo. Residents who are paid through other payroll systems are not required to sign up for Duo at this time. If you are not sure how your residency payroll is handled, contact your residency coordinator.

Follow ITS’ instructions on signing up for Duo. Duo authentication requires you to register a landline number, cell phone number, or smartphone app. Every time you log in with your USC NetID and password, you’ll confirm your identity by answering a phone call, replying to a text message, or clicking the notification in the Duo app.

Duo authentication will also be required for accessing Blackboard, Workday, the MyUSC portal, and other sites using the USCNetID sign-in screen. If you do not sign up for Duo by the February 15th deadline, you will be unable to access these sites.

If you have questions about Duo authentication or need help signing up, contact the ITS Customer Support Center at 213-740-5555 or consult@usc.edu.



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