Videoconferences may be held in the East and West Conference Rooms through the use of Polycom VSX 5000 videoconferencing equipment.

  • The Norris Library supports IP and ISDN protocols.  Use of ISDN is $0.03 per minute for each location. For ISDN calls contact (213) 821-3369.
  • Library computer technicians are available to assist with equipment before videoconferences begin.
  • To schedule a videoconference, contact the Technology Support Center at (323) 442-1968 or to reserve equipment and a library conference room.

Video Calls

Skype or other video calls may be held in the Library.  A camera, tripod and microphone for group sessions are available in the Technology Support Center. You must provide your own Skype or other account. Contact the Technology Support Center at (323) 442-1968 or for additional information.