USC Computer Accounts

The Norris Library Technology Support Center administers USC computing accounts for the Health Sciences Campus in partnership with USC Information Technology Services and other USC offices.

USC faculty, staff and students are issued computer accounts when they join the university. Additional computing accounts described below provide other groups with USC electronic services including email, USCards, Blackboard and access to library electronic resources.  Contact the Library Technology Support Center before completing an application form.

Affiliate Account

USC electronic services are available to

  • interns, residents, fellows
  • voluntary faculty
  • employees of USC-affiliated hospitals
  • visiting students and scholars
  • Temporary agency employees

Applications for affiliate accounts require sponsorship by your department chair or home department coordinator.  Submit your application in person to the Norris Library Technology Support Center weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Additional information on affiliate accounts is found on the account application.  Not all affiliates are eligible for all USC electronic services.

USC Departmental/Organizational Account

Organizational accounts allow departments and faculty/staff organizations affiliated with the university to provide information and services via email.

To request an account, complete the departmental account application.

Student Organization Account

Student organizations that are recognized by the university are eligible for an account for organizational email and web pages.

The USC Student Organizations website provides information on applying to be a recognized organization and obtaining an email account for your organization.

USC Web Account

Access to, the USC web server, offers web publishing to

  • academic, research, administrative and service units
  • university-affiliated faculty/staff organizations
  • professional organizations with a USC web site maintainer.

Review information about USCweb accounts before completing the account application.