Print, Copy, Scan & FAX


Fee-based printing is available from printers located on each level of the Library.

  • B/W:  NML_Plaza, NML_Upper, NML_Lower1 printers
  • B/W double-sided:   NML_Plaza, NML_Upper, NML_Lower1 printers
  • Color: NML_Upper_Color, NML_Lower_Color printer
  • Color double-sided: NML_Lower_Color printer


  • B/W:   $.10 per page, $.18 double-sided
  • Color:  $.50 per page, $.90 double-sided

Payment methods

  • USCard:   Students, faculty, staff and affiliates can add discretionary funds to their USCard to pay for printing.  Check the USCard website for details.
  • Library Copy/Print Card:  Purchase a $2 or $5 card from the dispenser located next to the Loan Desk on the plaza level. $.75 of the initial fee is for the card. These cards may only be used in the Norris Medical Library or the Wilson Dental Library and are single use only.  Balances remaining on lost debit cards cannot be refunded.  To recycle a card, please drop it off at the Loan Desk.

Print from library computers

On library computers, print jobs default to the closest B/W printer.  To select an alternate printer, use the application’s print function to select the printer with the features you want, i.e., double-sided or color. Print jobs are identified by the document type/file name, station, number of pages, and date.  The message “Printer is paused” is a prompt to release the print job.

When you are ready to print:

  • Go to the print release station where you have sent your print job.
  • Follow the instructions on the display.
  • Swipe your USCard or print card.

Print from laptops

  • Begin at the Laptop Printing website.
  • Upload file to the desired printer (see available printers above) or email to the desired printer using the address provided under Details on the Laptop Printing website.
  • Proceed with above instructions for printing from library computers.



Photocopiers for self-service copying are located in the photocopy and printing center on the lower level of the Norris Library.


  • B/W:   $.10 per side
  • Color:  $.50 per side

Payment methods

See above  information on printing payment methods.


Scanners are available free of charge to Norris Library cardholders with computer accounts. View installed software. Files may be saved as PDFs. Ensure your privacy by deleting scanned document files from library computers.  For assistance contact the Technology Support Center at (323) 442-1968 or


Outgoing and incoming fax service is provided for faculty, staff and students at the Loan Desk.


Provide FAX number of recipient and use the library cover page.
Format: single-sided sheets, 8.5″ x 11.0″
United States  $.50 per page
International   $.50 per page + $5.00 service charge


Norris FAX number: (323) 221-1235
Instruct sender to include your name and telephone number
Cost:  $.25 per page


Check made payable to the University of Southern California
USC requisition