Norris Medical Library offers bioinformatics services for the USC research community without charges:

Consultation Services

Consultation is available to individuals, groups and departmental units to address bioinformatics-related research questions and needs. Consultation is provided via email, phone, in-person, and in the form of special lectures.

Sample consultation topics:

  • Statistical analysis of microarray and next-generation sequencing (NGS) data
  • Functional interpretation of microarray & NGS results
  • Sophisticated information search (literature and public data mining) for genes, drugs and diseases
  • Identification of appropriate software tools or databases for research projects
  • Development of hypothesis and refinement of research questions with in silico study of existing public genomic data and literature
  • Hands-on tutorials for USC-licensed bioinformatics software tools with user data
  • Pathway, network and transcription regulation analysis

The NML Bioinformatics Service also provides support letters for grant applications and engages in collaborative data analysis service (co-authorship) for complex high-throughput data analysis projects.

Schedule an appointment by completing the consultation request form.


Bioinformatics Software

The Bioinformatics Services Program has licensed a broad range of commercial analysis tools available free of charge to USC researchers. Click the software icons for more information on features, functions and access instructions.

Statistical Analysis of High-throughput Data & DNA/Protein Sequence Analysis

 PGS Partek Genomics Suite Advanced statistical analysis and visualization tool for microarray and NGS data
 PartekFlowLogo_2 Partek Flow Web-based application for NGS data alignment, QA/QC, differential expression and variant detection analyses
  CLC Genomics Workbench end-to-end data analysis solutions to a comprehensive set of NGS applications
 galaxyLogoTrimmed Galaxy (local installation) Web-based platform with many cutting-edge tools for genomic research, particularly NGS data
 VectorNTI Vector NTI Advance Comprehensive software package for DNA/ protein sequence analysis and manipulation
 MicroarrayRUS Microarray R US User-friendly R and Bioconductor tools for microarray data analysis

 Comprehensive Functional Analysis & Advanced Literature/Data Mining

 pathway-analysis-logo Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) Excellent pathway, network and functional analysis tool for gene lists
  Ingenuity Variant Analysis (IVA) Identify causal variants from human sequencing data
 BIOBASE BIOBASE Comprehensive biomolecule knowledgebase for proteins, transcription factors and mutations
  Basespace Correlation Engine (Nextbio) Web-based discovery platform for complex biological, clinical and literature data mining
 Oncomine-logo Oncomine World’s largest cancer transcriptome profiles database and data-mining platform
 GENEVESTIGATOR_logo Genevestigator Multi-organism pre-analyzed microarray database and gene expression meta-analysis tool
  Qinsight (Quetzal) Advanced literature search engine


Computing Resources

To provide USC researchers with easy access to commercial software tools and to support the computation-intensive analysis of high-throughput genomic data, we offer the following computing resources.

NML Bioinformatics Computation and Consulting Center

The NML Bioinformatics Computation and Consulting Center is located on the upper level of the library (see map).

  • Houses five powerful computer workstations for bioinformatics tutorials and user data analysis
  • Workstations are pre-installed with all licensed software tools and selected open-source analysis tools

High Performance Computing Cluster

The Bioinformatics Service Program has collaborated with USC Center for High Performance Computing (HPC) and implemented a custom computer condo (HPC-NML) and key bioinformatics software to support computation-intensive NGS data analysis by USC researchers.


Workshops & Training

The Bioinformatics Service Program offers free workshops and training for USC employees. Classroom seating is limited and registration is required.

Check the NML Events Calendar for upcoming workshops.

Please send a request to to receive announcements of upcoming workshops and services.

Archives of previous training sessions are available.