Book Donations

The Norris Medical Library gratefully accepts your gifts of new or old books. Books of all types are welcome, including textbooks and leisure reading, hardcovers and paperbacks. We cannot accept gifts of journals, since they usually duplicate existing library holdings and are difficult to redistribute or sell.

Books of scientific or significant historical value, which are not already owned by the library, are added to the collection. Other books are offered for sale at the library’s book sale; funds from the sale are used to purchase new books.

The library will send you a written acknowledgment, stating the number of volumes given. We cannot provide a detailed inventory, but if you compile a list of the gift items, we will return a verified copy with the letter of acknowledgment. IRS regulations explicitly disallow monetary appraisals by the library.

Small donations can be brought to the Loan Desk on the plaza level of the library. For larger donations or heavy books, please call in advance; we will provide directions to the library’s loading dock and help to unload the books. The library is not able to pick up books from other locations and we cannot reimburse shipping costs.

Questions concerning book donations should be directed to Nicole Rich, Senior Library Assistant, Collection Resources Division, (323) 442-1105.